Sanhati-India is a solidarity group, where people from diverse backgrounds haveĀ  come together to stand in solidarity with people’s movements and the organizations/activists involved in these struggles.

Our broad political position is in support of a project of revolutionary societal transformation in India. The importance of such a broad-based solidarity platform cannot be over-emphasised in view of the sectarian arguments often present within the Left movement in India. However, despite being a solidarity group, we seek to emphasise the broad contours of the politics we espouse.

The anti-neoliberal and anti-fascist political position provides the basic platform of our existence. However, we understand that many groups with diverse ideological positions may come together, for a while, on specific issues, to oppose aspects of neoliberalism and fascism. In order to have a consistent and long-term intervention, Sanhati-India has a more coherent political goal, aiming to be a “solidarity platform for the revolutionary Left”. This will mean all Left streams involved in a socially transformative project which recognize the objective necessity of conflict with the state with a goal to transform it qualitatively (in contradistinction to merely tinkering with it for providing some temporary benefits to the exploited classes). We also recognise the significance and importance of the different movements based on class, caste, gender, nationality etc. and will strive to stand in solidarity with related movements and provide space to relevant analysis and debates. We will work in continuity with, and build upon, the contributions made by the Sanhati collective and website over the last ten years.

As a group our tasks will include, (a) Providing in depth news and information, particularly of grassroots struggles and political movements. (b) Providing a space for dialogue between various progressive political formations. (c) Providing our own analysis in form of articles or statements as weapons of struggle for activists and organizations.

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