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The political discourse is abuzz with Gujarat Elections where a slogan has emerged from the masses, namely “Development (Vikas) Has Gone Crazy”. Ever since the Una Dalit Movement, the Patidar unrest, the mass scale movement amongst cloth traders in Surat against the GST Bill and Demonitization, Gujarat has been going through a massive political churning, where voices against the RSS-BJP Raj have come up from various corners and are growing in intensity. The once hyped ‘Gujarat Model’ of Development now stands labelled as ‘Crazy’ by none other than the people of Gujarat.

On the other hand, over the past decade, and increasingly so, we have been witnessing a near-complete sell-out of the print and electronic media to serve corporate interests over people’s interests like never before. The Sangh Parivar has managed the media to dance to its tune to propagate its ideology and help reap electoral harvests. The emergence of Social Media along with the proliferation of 2G/3G/4G networks and cheaper mobile technology had enabled more democratic avenues of citizen journalism and grassroots-based independent media from below. However, there is an ever-growing tendency of monetory and extra-monetory coercive control of the social media platforms, once again to serve capitalistic interests and those of the ruling party. Social media spaces are a zone of turf war, over control of the people vis-a-vis control of the governement and corporate interests. The methods have clearly defined patterns and there are ways to fight the menace too, for people to reclaim these spaces!

To talk broadly on the above two points, we have among our midst speakers Nirjhari Sinha and Pratik Sinha, in an upcoming study class, organised by People’s Study Circle as part of its year-long monthly study classes on ‘Fascism, Nationalism and Religion’. Entry is open and free for this particular class, considering the wide interest around the topics of discussion.

Please join and spread the word among interested people!

Study Classes on Fascism, Nationalism, Religion
organised by People’s Study Circle
Session 9
18th December (MONDAY) 5 pm – 9 pm*

Bhupesh Bhavan Auditorium, 162-B, AJC Bose Road, Kolkata – 700 014.

Part 1: On the Conemporary Political Situation in Gujarat
Discussant: Nirjhari Sinha
Founder member of Jan Sangarsh Manch, and New Socialist Movement

Part 2: The Right-wing’s Use of Media and Social Media, and Ways of Resistance
Discussant: Pratik Sinha
Founder-journalist with, admin of ‘Truth of Gujarat’ and activist with Jan Sangharsh Manch
Language: English/ Interaction: Bangla and English

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People’s Study Circle
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